Thank you for supporting the rescue animals at Bee Meadow Farm!


Many kind and wonderful people support Bee Meadow Farm, through the donation of money, time, services, and goods for our rescue animals. We are very grateful for your help!

We particularly would like to thank the excellent staff of St. Lawrence Valley Animal Hospital and its sister clinic the Cat Clinic of Cornwall, who give wonderful care to our cats and dogs. You all go above and beyond to look after all of our foster cats, plus our 16 rescue cats, 3 rescue dogs, and Monty the Maremma, who guards our goats and pot-bellied pigs. Your amazing professional skills and your kindness to us are so appreciated. Our animals always come back from the clinic in great shape, and sometimes with a lipstick kiss-mark on top of a furry head.

Thank you to the equally fabulous staff of Vankleek Hill Veterinary Services, who look after all of our farm animals. The vets who visit our farm are not only knowledgeable and helpful, they are full of good humour, whether they're doing face-plants chasing pigs for Ivomec injections, "harvesting" goat poop for fecal counts, or chasing a reluctant donkey while holding a tube of dewormer.

In addition, HUGE thanks to the Nav Centre in Cornwall!

Twice a week, Chef Luc McCabe and his kitchen crew donate two 104-litre bins of fruit and vegetable scraps to our animals. Not only does this save us a fortune on our weekly grocery bill, it also provides us with an incredible variety of produce, the likes of which we'd never be able to match at our local store. We are extremely grateful to general manager Kim Coe-Turner, Chef Luc McCabe and his kitchen staff, the always-smiling Amanda Longtin, and most of all Lori Caron, administrative specialist and purchasing, who first had the idea to divert Nav Centre kitchen waste into a weekly bounty for our menagerie. We are lucky to have such a wonderful, caring place in our community, filled with awesome employees.

Thank you too to the Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry OSPCA, from where we have adopted most of our animals. It is always a pleasure working with the dedicated staff of the animal centre, their manager Carol Link, and the local OSPCA investigators, who are often the ones to show up at our farm a needy animal in the back of their van.

Big thanks to Pet Valu Alexandria in Alexandria, ON for all your support (fundraisers and discounts and donations!)

Big thanks to Stacy's Pet Depot in Cornwall, ON for all your support (fundraisers and discounts and donations!)


THANK YOU and MERCI BEAUCOUP from Natalie, Gordon, and the many animals of Bee Meadow Farm!