You can help!


Bee Meadow Farm is a non-profit association. We do not yet have charitable status, although it is something we are working on. All money donated to the animals, (through sponsorships, honey and egg sales, t-shirt sales and donations) goes directly to the care and feeding of the rescue animals here at Bee Meadow Farm.

Currently we spend approximately $650 each month on grain for the birds, goats and pot-bellied pigs. Our hay costs are in the range of $7000 per year (this does not include the cost of hay we buy for our two riding horses, who are not rescues.)  Straw for bedding comes in at around $1000 per year. Farrier care for the three ponies for one year is $1200, and for the donkey $250 (he needs fewer hoof trims than the ponies.)

 Vet care for the farm animals (including medications, syringes, and deworming) averages $350/month for the goats, pigs and rescue ponies and donkey (including surgical neutering of the rescue animals brought to us intact.) On top of this, we pay for some of our wood shavings (some are kindly donated to us by Robertson Woodworking & Fine Cabinetry in Bainsville, ON!), fencing, and miscellaneous supplies like buckets, feed pans, stock tanks, etc.

In winter, the pot-bellied pigs need some supplemental heat in their pen, which raises our month electric bill.

And there are many one-time expenses, such as a three-sided shelter for the ponies and donkey, a goat house, the new pig pen... the list goes on. We have been careful not to take in more animals than we can afford to care for, but any and all donations are greatly appreciated! We do have a LOT of rescue critters on our farm.

Huge thanks to the fantastic vets at St. Lawrence Valley Animal Hospital in Cornwall, Ontario for taking such great care of our cats and dogs, and huge thanks to the wonderful vets at Vankleek Hill Veterinary Services for the excellent job they do looking after our farm animals.

Please also considering donating your time or money to the Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry OSPCA Animal Centre in Cornwall, Ontario, from where two of our cats and most of our farm animals have been adopted. The staff there do an amazing job with no government funding, and we know them all well. Believe us when we say they are in it for the love of the animals.

As are we!

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