Current adoptable cats


We have two foster cat rooms here at the farm, and adopt out a limited number of cats and kittens. The adoption fee is $175. All cats will be neutered/spayed, vaccinated, dewormed and treated for fleas before being adopted out. Please, no declawing!!



This fluffy stunner is five years old and came to Bee Meadow Farm after her former loving owner had to go into long-term care and couldn’t take her beloved cat with her.

Lolita can be a little shy at first, but once she gets to know you, she is affectionate and friendly, popping out to greet you when you enter the rom. An afficionado of head-butts and a lover of warm laps, Lolita craves the company and attention of her favoured human. She is a good-natured, sweet soul who would enjoy a quiet household with lots of windows and a warm place to curl up for laps. With slow introductions, she would be okay with a kitty companion who wasn’t too “in your face.” She hasn’t been tested with dogs, but might be okay with one who is calm, and kind to cats. Lolita spent the first five years of her life living with one quiet woman, so while she’d probably be fine with quiet older children, she might find younger ones a bit stressful. She would definitely suit a senior, or someone who works from home!

This girl is really yearning for a home to call her own. When she first arrived here, she was grieving the loss of her owner and spend some time hiding, but now her true personality is emerging and she is just a delight. She also enjoys being brushed, and with her fluffy coat, regular brushing is recommended. Lolita is looking forward to meeting you!



Lexi is about two-and-a-half years old and has the most amazing markings. Although she is mainly grey/brown tabby with white, right on the middle of her back she has a black-and-white spot that clearly came from from tuxedo cat in her ancestry! She also has the most exquisite facial markings with her black “eyeliner” heart-shaped nose and grey-brown chin.

Lexi is a mellow, affectionate girl with a cute little meow who really enjoys being petted. She is good with other cats, and enjoys spending time on a high perch, watching the world go around. She came to us after she was dumped at a farmhouse not far from here. The owners fed her but could not keep her, so they asked us to take her in. She was clearly someone’s pet at some point, but she had a terrible case of ear mites when she arrived, which have since been treated. She’s feeling much better now and her ears look great! We can’t fathom why anyone would ever have dumped her, but we’ve heard and seen it all around here.

Lexi is an easy cat to have around, and she’s lovely to look at, too. Good natured and playful, she’d be perfectly happy to spend the rest of her life indoors, lounging on a soft couch and batting around catnip toys, well-loved and secure in the knowledge that she will never again be thrown out in the cold!


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Here is our adoption application for cats and kittens:

Click here to download a PDF of the Adoption Application!


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Here is our adoption contract for cats and kittens:

Click here to download a PDF of the Adoption Contract!