Current adoptable cats


We have two foster cat rooms here at the farm, and adopt out a limited number of cats and kittens. The adoption fee is $175. All cats will be neutered/spayed, vaccinated, dewormed and treated for fleas before being adopted out. Please, no declawing!!




Oliver showed up outside the Nav Centre kitchen one summer day in 2017, lost and hungry. He was a friendly guy, so the staff were quite happy to feed him but Oliver needed a fur-ever home. The night before he was slated to come to Bee Meadow Farm, someone else took Oliver, but then tossed him out in the street three days later. Luckily his guardian angel Sharron found him and brought him to Bee Meadow Farm. He was adopted out, but now, a year and a half later, he has been returned to us due to a move. We are determined finally to find Oliver the amazing home he deserves. He is a lovely boy who enjoys riding around on his person’s shoulder, walking on a leash, plotting to capture chipmunks, and looking down and laughing from high places.

Oliver LOVESS to be doing things! He is insatiably curious, playful guy with a lot of energy and he really needs outdoor access, whether through daily walks on his leash or a safe catio or other place where he can be his wonderful self. He has lived with another cat and he definitely enjoys the company of feline friends. He is not a delicate flower so would best be suited to having a feline friend who shares his rough-and-tumble ways, or at least doesn’t mind a big handsome man cat giving them a love bite or two!

If you have a house full of delicate figurines placed just so, Oliver is not the cat for you. However, if you want a furry friend who will ride around on your shoulder, come to you for loving, and make you laugh on a daily basis, well… you’ve found your match!




Gracie is a 13-year-old brown/white tabby Maine Coon cat with the most splendidly soft and luxurious coat you could imagine! She is here with us now because her loving 90-year-old owner and friend had to move to a seniors’ residence, and couldn’t take Gracie with him. For 13 years, he took the most meticulous care of her, keeping her gorgeous coat brushed and free of mats. She has been to the vet regular and is the picture of good health.

Gracie very much enjoyed sitting in her owner’s lap to be petted. Being a Maine Coon, she has an independent spirit. She loves to be brushed!

Gracie has been an indoor-outdoor cat her entire life, and would likely do best in a home where she can have some kind of safe outdoor access. It’s also possible she could transition to being an indoor-only cat, if her adopter is willing to spend time with her and keep her stimulated.

Gracie would do best in an adult-only home, or a home with mature children or teenagers who would let Gracie come to them for affection when she chooses.

Gracie has been an only cat, but she doesn’t seem to mind the resident foster cats and kittens; she seems indifferent to them. I suspect she would be fine with another cat with a laid-back attitude who just left her to her own devices.

Losing her owner has been quite the change for Gracie; we’d really like to see her in a stable home for the rest of her days where she will be loved for who she is: a beautiful, independent senior girl who still has a lot of love to give.


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Here is our adoption application for cats and kittens:

Click here to download a PDF of the Adoption Application!


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Here is our adoption contract for cats and kittens:

Click here to download a PDF of the Adoption Contract!