Current adoptable cats


We have two foster cat rooms here at the farm, and adopt out a limited number of cats and kittens. The adoption fee is $175. All cats will be neutered/spayed, vaccinated, dewormed and treated for fleas before being adopted out. Please, no declawing!!



Our very shy, very adorable girl. Taya was born in June 2017 and has been hanging out with her friends Chip and Dale for most of her kittenhood. Taya came to us from Operation Spay + Neuter in Hawkesbury, ON. She is a lovely feline, but she is extremely shy and will need a home with someone who has lots of patience for shy kitties, and is willing to accept Taya on her own terms, and give her the time and space she needs to blossom. She would do best living with at least one other friendly cat for company. Taya loves to play with toys, especially wand toys. She also enjoys romping around with Chip and Dale, and our resident granary cats. She has gotten along amazingly well with any feline she has thus far met!

She is in not the kind of cat who is going to come right over and jump on your lap; you are going to have to earn her trust, but if you are willing to put in the time needed to do that, you will be helping a kitten who really needs love and kindness, and in the process, you will be doing something wonderful for yourself, too. Taya has been opening up since she arrived, and will now give kitty-kisses (long, slow eye blinks) and will come to your feet and meow for supper. She will also let you stroke her while she eats. She has the cutest little face and is always inquisitively watching the world around her. We hope Taya will find that special person who is looking for a cat who needs them, not the other way around. Adopting a shy cat can be incredibly rewarding, as they come to trust you over time. We love Taya, and have high hopes that she will find the purr-fect fur-ever home!



Beautiful Sacha has one blue eye, one green eye and is completely deaf. She has been so well cared-for, and dearly loved. She is six years old and needed a new home due to the serious health issues of her very loving owner. It was with great reluctance that Sacha's hu-mom gave her up, and we promised to find Sacha an excellent home.

Sacha now lives with another deaf cat and a younger kitty. She also has grandchildren to play with, which her original owner was most pleaed to hear about, as Sacha loved her grandchildren as well. Happy life, Sacha!



Agnes was a young mother (a year old) when she arrived here in April 2018 with six lovely newborn kittens. Tragically she lost every single one of her babies, breaking all of our hearts, despite excellent veterinary care and round-the-clock bottle- and tube-feeding of the little ones. Agnes was depressed for quite some time after this, but luckily, a wonderful woman fell in love with this sweet cat and took her home, promising to make up for all the sadness Agnes had suffered. Agnes is now living the good life with two kitty siblings and am amazing human family.



Julia is the perfect cat! She checks all the boxes on the cat scale of awesomeness. She was born in June 2017. A little beauty, she gets along with people (adults and kids), other cats, and dogs. Nothing fazes her; she takes everything in her stride. She was a proud participant in our recent "Cats on Your Mats Yoga" class, and was quite at ease in a room full of yogis and other cats and kittens. She is affectionate and cuddly, fearless and confident, and just a gorgeous feline. Truly, the perfect cat. Julia came to us from Operation Spay + Neuter in Hawkesbury, ON. 



This right here is 16 pounds of handsome ebony MAN CAT! Graham is about 5 years old. Sadly, he is also declawed, but this disability does not stop him from being an excellent mouser! (Thank you for the gift of a severed mouse head, Graham.) Graham has tons of personality. He is affectionate, but for the most part would prefer to sit next to you rather than on your lap (although he has made exceptions for people he is very fond of!) He loves to be petted and brushed. He has a super-cute little vampire underbite thing going on. Graham would be fine with older kids (I think he might get impatient with little kids hauling him around) and other cats. He's not tested with dogs, but not much fazes him, so I suspect he would adjust well. Graham was taken from the same place as his friend Jeffrey. They were both flea-infested on arrival, and Graham had bald spots from a flea allergy. Now that his fleas are gone and he's eating quality food, his fur is growing back into a luscious, shiny mane of feline wonder. One day he will again be an über-fluffy kitty boy. If you would like to adopt Graham, his adoption fee is $150 and includes neutering, vaccines, flea-treatment, and deworming. Graham also has a microchip. He does not have to be adopted with his buddy Jeffrey, but they do make an amazing pair.



Chip was born in August 2017. He was found as a tiny kitten with his brother Dale 18 feet up a tree. He was rescued and bottle fed by the kind women of Operation Spay + Neuter in Hawkesbury, ON. Chip is a real character! He is unspeakably affectionate and purrs constantly. He loves to ride around on your shoulder, jump on your back while you are cleaning the litter box, and be held and cuddled. He is also super playful and fun, and "shy" is not a word we would ever use to describe Chip. He LOVES people, and is still very much full of kitten joie de vivre so if you are looking for a mature, sedate feline, he is not the boy for you. However, if you want a cat who will make you laugh and smile, seek you out for snuggles, and fill your heart with love, Chip is your guy. He gets along well with other cats and would be fine with kids. He hasn't been tested with dogs, but not much fazes Chip so he would no doubt take cat-friendly dogs in his stride.  Chip is bonded to his brother Dale and it would be wonderful if they could find a home together. They will keep each other amused!



GET YOUR OWN HOUSE PANTHER! Dale was born in August 2017. He was found as a tiny kitten with his brother Chip 18 feet up a tree. He was rescued and bottle fed by the kind women of Operation Spay + Neuter in Hawkesbury, ON. Chip is sweet and loving! He's affectionate but quieter than his brother Dale, and a bit more subtle! When he wants your attention, he will twine himself around your ankles and give you a delicate "meow." He likes to be picked up and cuddled, and enjoys chin scritches. He is a sleek, handsome boy. His friend Julia pushed him off a shelf and fractured his rear leg the day he arrived at the farm (oops!), but after two weeks of cage rest, Dale has healed up nicely and is zooming around with brother Chip once again. Dale gets along well with other cats and would be fine with kids. He can be a tiny bit shy until he gets to know you, but once he does, he's all yours, and it doesn't take long; he's just a bit less "in-your-face" than his brother Chip. This boy is a sweetheart. Dale is bonded to his brother Chip and it would be great if they could find a home together.



Grayson was once a stray cat at a local feedmill, living a hard-luck life as an unneutered male. He was live-trapped in a case of mistaken identity, after our former foster kitty Grace went missing one day when she slipped out a door left ajar at her new home (Grace has since been found safe and sound!) So we took Grayson in, and for a good six weeks, he stayed in our barn room without making a sound: not a hiss, a meow or a purr. He also did not scratch or bite, and if you picked him up, he offered no resistance but instead went limp in your arms. No way was he a feral cat, but something has made him shut down. We got him neutered and vaccinated and figured he'd be a Bee Meadow Farm barn cat. 

And then one day, Grayson purred. And pushed into my hand as I stroked him. And presented me with that sweet Grayson smile you see in the photo above.

We soon realized that Grayson was a big softie who could not fend off the likes of our Keaton, king of the barn. So although we wanted to keep him forever, we decided to try to find him a fur-ever home in a house. He is the sweetest cat you can imagine and nothing like the catatonic feline we took in from the feed mill one cold winter day. Grayson wins the "Cat Transformation of the Decade" award here at Bee Meadow Farm.



This super-sweet, three-year-old lady spent at least nine months on the streets of Cornwall and had a litter of kittens before she was rescued by a kind woman who offered her food and shelter on her enclosed porch for the winter. Mathilda was spayed and vaccinated by Roy and Cher's Rescue Farm, and later brought to Bee Meadow Farm to be adopted out. She is cuddly, affectionate and pretty, with a spectacular purr. She enjoys being brushed and cuddled and is happy to be off the streets. She lasted here for all of four days before going to a loving fur-ever home.



Can you say cuddle bug? That's Jeffrey! This guy would literally sit on your lap all day given the chance. I suspect he might take affection over food if give the choice. He is always asking to be picked up and cuddled. He is a lovely, LOVELY, lovely sweet-natured cat who wants nothing more than humans to dote on him. He is great with kids of all ages (recently he had five small children clustered around him in the adoption room and he was enthralled. He's a patient, gentle kitty!) He loves to play, especially with wand toys. When he arrived here, he (like his friend Graham, who came with him) was crawling with fleas, and he also had terrible ear mites. An application of Revolution plus ten days of ear drops twice a day have cleared up those problems. He was very good about getting drops in his ears. He's not tested with dogs, but he's so laid back, I feel sure he would be able to deal with them. Jeffrey is a lover, not a fighter. He charms every person that meets him, and he'll charm you too. If you would like to adopt Jeffrey, his his adoption fee is $150 and includes neutering, vaccines, flea-treatment, and deworming. Jeffrey also has a microchip. He does not have to be adopted with his buddy Graham, but he is the yin to Graham's yang.


Here is our adoption contract for cats and kittens:

Click here to download a PDF of the Adoption Contract!