Wish List



We also have an Amazon wish list!


Royal Canin canned kitten food

Weruva canned cat food

Go! canned cat food

Wellness canned cat food

Cat beds

Cat toys

Cat bowls (preferably metal or ceramic)

Black oil sunflower seeds

Cracked corn

Scratch feed

Hay (small bales)

Dried mealworms (we get them from Chubby Mealworms: www.chubbymealworms.ca)

Any fresh fruit or vegetables for all the animals (except onions/garlic) Watermelons and pumpkins are a huge hit!

Pine/spruce/cedar branches for the goats

Large Kong dog treat dispensers (for the pigs – they need durable ones!)

Dried pasta (pig treat)

Sugar-free or low-sugar cereal (pig treat)

Horse balls and toys

Buckets of any kind

Black rubber pans for feed and water

New tarps of any size

Plastic kiddy swimming pools (for ducks and pigs!)

Kid’s slide (goat toy!)

Wood teeter-totter (for the goats! :))

Metal pet food bowls

Lead ropes

Break-away safety dog collars (larger wide ones - for goats)

Utility knives

New, sterile syringes of any size

New, sterile needles of any gauge

Oyster shells and grit (for the birds - available at feed stores)

Wood shavings

Bags of sandbox sand

Large reddish-brown salt lick blocks (for our equines)

Small rectangular blue and reddish-brown salt licks (for our equines and goats)

Metal trash cans (for feed storage)